3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Self Storage for Your Business Records

record storage shelves Posted on May 30, 2017

Running out of places to stack your documents? If your office is starting to look like a records graveyard, it’s probably time to start thinking about other, more effective storage solutions. And sure, using a self-storage unit may seem like the easy answer, it could wind up causing you far more troubles than it’s worth.
Information is the lifeblood of any organization. Financial records, personal client information, and confidential employee files—storing confidential documents is serious business. Just think about it. How long could your company survive if something were to happen to your precious files? A year? A month? A week?
When it comes down to records storage, cutting corners can come back to haunt you down the road, jeopardizing your company, your clients, and your employees. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t use self-storage for your business records.

High Costs

Storing your documents shouldn’t cost you a small fortune. But that’s exactly what can happen when you rent a personal storage unit. Why shell out your heard-earned money for space you’ll never use? At an off-site records storage facility, you’ll only pay for what you need. Plus, you’ll get a wide range of other handy benefits that self-storage simply doesn’t have, like computerized file indexing, scanning and imaging, and shredding and destruction services.

Waste of Time

They don’t call it self-storage for nothing. If you’ve decided to go this route, you’ll have to do everything yourself. Keep in mind, you’re responsible for buying and installing all the shelving. When that “fun” job is done, you’ll need to pack up all your documents, transport them to the new location, and file everything into the self-storage unit.
And that’s just the half of it. When you eventually need a file, you’ll have to head back out to the storage unit, rummage through the boxes, and bring it back to your office. Better hope your client’s not in a huge hurry.
Stop wasting your valuable time on DIY document storage. A records management service provider will ensure all your files are properly categorized, labelled, and organized—everything you need for quick and easy retrieval.

Security Threats

Self-storage units might be a great idea for your patio furniture or golf clubs. But do you really want to store your customer records, intellectual property files, and other vital documents in them?
Theft, floods, fires, mold, and even rodents can leave your records in ruins. A records management company protects your valuable data by providing round-the-clock security in a fully-protected facility. Let’s face it, when it comes to securely storing sensitive data, a roll-up door and a padlock simply isn’t going to cut it.
Stockpiling your business records in a self-storage unit is an accident waiting to happen. Why roll the dice with your organization’s crucial data? If you want to save money and time, and ensure complete document protection, leave it to a professional off-site storage provider.
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