5 Digital Document Tips to Help You Minimize Your Business’s Environmental Footprint

Posted on September 26, 2015

In today’s age, it’s important to realize how we can continue to live, work, and eat without damaging our environment, while helping to preserve it for future generations. Creating a greener workspace is definitely a step in the right direction. Implementing environmentally conscious practices into your business will mean a softer ecological footprint and a healthier and more productive place to work that will positively impact your bottom line. Generating an eco-friendly business may seem like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for some helpful tips to get you on the right foot towards sustainability.

  1. Use Social Networks

Emailing and using social media options like Facebook, Twitter, and Google + will go a long way in reducing your company’s carbon footprint. You will not only save on postage, but also eliminate the unnecessary amount of photocopies needed to be mailed out.

  1. Create Digital Advertising Strategies

Creating digital marketing campaigns in place of using paper advertising is far more effective at generating new business leads. Junk mail normally only reaches a very small fraction of your target market and is usually tossed out without ever being read. Digital marketing tools can disseminate your message on a much larger scale, with the added bonus of being easily tracked and analyzed.

  1. Communicate Digitally

Printing and photocopying internal communications can be a huge waste of resources. Digital communications alternatives, such as Skype or Google Chat will help you save time, money, and paper. Plus, you won’t have to worry about hunting down misplaced memos, reports, and other important documents.

  1. Employ Document Conversion Practices

If you are looking for a more paperless office, have your employees create PDF’s instead of printing hardcopies. Sending and receiving PDF documents via email is easy and efficient, saving you valuable company time and resources.

  1. Implement Effective Offsite File Storage Solutions

Ensure yourcrucial documents and records are scanned and stored in an offsite electronic archive. You will be able to digitally access crucial data whenever you want, eliminating the need to print and distribute hardcopy documents.

Creating a greener, more digital workspace shouldn’t be an overwhelming process. To keep your office running at peak efficiency while minimizing your environmental footprint, BCRMS provides effortless document management solutions to meet your business’s needs.

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