Why You Should Combine Scanning and Shredding Services

shredding-services-mulch Posted on November 18, 2019

The backbone to any successful business or enterprise is the proper storage, disposal, and dissemination of company information. This information takes the form of files, documents, agreements, invoices, and legal forms pertaining to both employee and customer confidential information. This “paper trail” may be manageable in the short term, but as file cabinets begin filling up and desktops become overrun with piles of random memos, mail correspondence, and post-it notes…something has to give. 

Thankfully the solution is simple enough: document scanning services and document shredding services. 

Secure Document Scanning

The first step to document scanning is to decide what documents and business records are essential to keep as a part of the permanent file, then hire a file management company to professionally scan these forms into a secure digital database for your company. Some of these documents will need to be retained on file in hard copy form for legal purposes. All other documentation should be uploaded digitally, so paper copies of this information can be disposed of en masse through secure shredding.

What is Secure Shredding?

What is secure shredding, you ask? And is that necessary? First let me ask you this: When was the last time you heard of an information or security breach at a “reputable company” compromising the personal information of their clientele? And how much revenue was lost or compensation was paid out to customers due to an oversight in protecting their personal and financial information? A company should NEVER gamble with confidential information.

Secure shredding is one way to assure customers and employees that their records and documents have been safely disposed of. A company like Access Information can provide a 100% Certificate of Destruction with every job completion, freeing you from any liability that your customers’ vital information was compromised in the process.

These modern day scanning, file storing, and document shredding services are available to help you get rid of the clutter, all the while protecting your employees’ and customers’ confidential information. These companies can help you cull through your files and digitally scan them into your database, before securely shredding the hard copies of documents for recycling. This scanning and shredding can be done either on-site, or the files can be securely transported off-site to complete this process. 

Benefits of Document Scanning Services and Shredding Services

Some glaring advantages of digital scanning and shredding of documents include:


It takes away the threat of someone stealing physical copies of confidential information (whether through overt theft, or due to improper disposal of documents without secure shredding). It also nullifies the threat of that documentation being destroyed by fire, flood, or natural catastrophe. 


Digitally scanning these documents ensures the same information is readily available for employees to access, making collaboration with clients and customer service a seamless process. 


These digital documents can be encrypted, password protected, or be assigned viewable by a level of clearance dictated by secure cloud storage protocol. All users accessing the file can be tracked to further ensure propriety on the part of the business. 


Document scanning is also an efficient way to store and disperse concise information for audits or any regulatory or legal obligations. Digital information can be indexed and organized to quickly satisfy compliance protocols. 

Scanning and Shredding: A Winning Combination

Whether your company needs more space, less clutter, better organization, or is trying to join the green revolution and go paperless, document scanning and secure shredding is the clear choice for businesses of the present and future.

Document Scanning Services and Document Shredding Services Near You

With more than 30 years of experience, you can be confident that Access Information will provide exceptional records scanning services and shredding services for your business. The entire process is 100% secure from start to finish, with a Certificate of Destruction issued for all shredding services. 

At Access Information, security and convenience are just some of the benefits of utilizing professional scanning and shredding services. Contact us today!