The Dangers of On-Site Document Shredding

Posted on June 24, 2015

Identity theft, fraudulent transactions, and even industrial espionage are all grim possibilities that any business must be prepared to face. Crucial information that is lost or has fallen into the wrong hands can put your company’s reputation on the line, as well as create a host of commercial hazards that could jeopardize your entire business. In order to avoid confidential, personal, or sensitive information from getting out in the open, some companies are using on-site shredding programs to destroy their documents. If you are doing your document shredding in-house, however, you may be putting your employees, and your company at risk.

Physical Injuries

Workplace accidents can and do happen. Although uncommon, anyone who uses a paper shredder puts themselves at risk of injury, if they are not careful. Office shredders have extremely sharp blades that can seriously hurt you and/or your employees. Many people have sustained injuries by failing to pay close attention when using the machinery. Performing a relatively simple task like clearing a paper jam, for example, has resulted in lacerations, bruising, and even loss of fingers.

Fire Hazards

Like most electrical appliances, paper shredders also pose a fire hazard. If there is a paper jam, and the machine has been left unattended for a long period of time, the heat from the shredder could cause combustion, creating afire that could get out of hand quickly. Plus, paper shredders that are left plugged in while not in use could result in an electrical fire—potentially putting your staff and your building in harm’s ways.

Inadequate Shredding

If you think your documents are completely destroyed once you have shredded them, think again. The majority of in-house office shredders use a crosscut or ribbon cut method when tearing up documents—meaning virtually anyone who has the time and the access to your discarded shreds can reassemble them. What’s more, there are several software programs out there that can make the reconstruction process move along much quicker.

A Trusted Name in Off-Site Shredding

Using the services of a professional shredding company like BCRMS will not only save you time and money, but also make your working environment a safer place. Just think, you and your employees will never have to deal with grinding, tearing blades ever again (and you won’t have to worry about whether or not you forgot to unplug the shredder either). Plus, at BCRMS, we only use the latest shredding technology and procedures, leaving zero possibility of reconstruction or retrieval of your precious documents.

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