Firelock Vault

secure document storage Posted on October 19, 2011


Why Should a Client Seek out Secure Media Storage and Vault Protection??

Firelock VaultFragile backup computer media requires vault protection. Failure to protect records from destruction or spoliation due to improper storage could create serious liability issues and impair the ability of the companies to recover from loss of critical on-site data.

BC Records has recently completed the purchase and installation of the industry leading Firelock Media Vault Chamber. This vault chamber provides Class 350 Four Hour and Class 125 Three Hour fire ratings which are the highest fire ratings available to commercial record centres for protecting digital media. Our vault is also equipped with seismic stripping which gives us the ability to monitor for any seismic activity.

Firelock vaults have a ceramic insulating core capable of resisting temperatures well over 2000 degrees F. for five hours without the generation of steam into the vault chamber, while maintaining a temperature below 125 degrees F. The vault has also been tested for protection against damage from high pressure hose streams as those used by the fire department.

Our Vault has been tested and Certified by our Professional Engineer and is installed and operating to full Environmental and Safety Classifications.

The Firelock vault uses 3M’s NOVEC Clean Agent “Zero Residue” Fire Suppression System. The release of this clean agent into the vault chamber is low impact with negligible shockwaves delivered to material housed within the enclosed area. This protects the integrity of sensitive media and ensures the functionality of essential computer systems.

Humidity and temperature within the vault chamber are strictly controlled to archival standards with 24/7 offsite monitoring of environmental and suppression systems.

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