Why Hard Drive Destruction Is a Must for Businesses

Posted on November 14, 2016

The United States presidential election has come and gone. But many people are still feeling the voting hangover. Can you really blame them? With so much buzz surrounding crashed hard drives, information leaks, and especially email scandals, it’s hard not to think of anything else. Politics aside, if there’s one thing business owners can take away from the campaign it’s this—computer hard drives have a lot of valuable information that people would love to get their hands on. A single hard drive can hold literally hundreds of thousands of files, from credit card and bank account information to email messages and a host of other important business data. Oh, and if you think hitting the delete button is going to permanently get rid of data on your hard drive, you’re in for a rude awakening. Once information is stored on your hard drive, it stays there—all your precious records sitting out there in the open just waiting for someone with the right tool and know-how to snatch them up.

Neglecting Proper Hard Drive Disposal

Does your company have some old computers lying around? If you do, you could be leaving your organization wide open to major troubles like data theft and information leaks—rising problems that should never be taken lightly. Leaked data can cause serious repercussions for you and your business, and that could lead to far more than just a tarnished reputation. You can be held liable for the release of private information, resulting in the possibility of a costly lawsuit that could wipe your business out, permanently.

And let’s not forget about all that juicy information your competitors would be happy to have, including price lists, sales figures, and customer data, the list goes on and on. Still think hard drive data destruction isn’t that important?

Wasting Your Time with Ineffective Hard Drive Destruction Methods

So, as a business owner, how are you going to effectively destroy unwanted hard drives? There are a wide variety of so-called methods of hard disk destruction. The problem here is that they are either outrageously impractical or immensely problematic (and sometimes almost laughable).

For starters, you could try the de-magnetization method, but you’ll have to track down a crane equipped with a magnet powerful enough to lift cars. If that doesn’t work out, there’s always the option of giving your hard drives an acid bath. But that could get messy, not to mention, extremely dangerous. Finally, you might even consider using your trusty hammer to bash your hard drives into bits in the garage.

Obviously, we wouldn’t expect or even want you to really try any of these “home remedies.” Seriously, there is a safe and fool-proof way to dispose of your unused hard drives—shredding.

Effectively Shredding Hard Drives Into Pieces

When it comes to the absolute destruction of hard drives, shredders are the way to go. They will not only grind hard drives into smithereens, but also devour backup tapes, cell phones, computers, laptops, and any other electronic storage media device you no longer need. If you want to ensure your data is 100% destroyed, hard drive shredders will guarantee the complete decimation of all your storage media, with zero possibility of reconstruction or retrieval.

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