How a records management company can protect from identity theft

Posted on August 7, 2016

You’ve worked hard to gain the trust of your clients. They rely on you, and put faith in your ability to protect them from identify theft. But all that hard-earned trust can disappear in a heartbeat if you neglect to safeguard their sensitive information, even just once. So, that’s why, at BCRMS when you use our records management facility, you benefit from what we’ve rounded up to protect your clients from identity theft.

Proper Records management Practices

Putting effective retention management practices in motion will help you prevent identity theft. Secure organizations often use an offsite file storage facility to keep track of client records. Storing your files in a secure location will ensure your clients’ documents are protected throughout their retention period, and are properly destroyed when their records have expired. If you need help staying on top of your client information, consult with a records management professional.

Secure Records Storage

If you think identity theft only happens on the Internet, think again. Criminals will take advantage of any opportunity to rob private information, especially files. And why not? Documents are easy to steal and are, oftentimes, untraceable. All your clients’ personal and sensitive information should always be stored at a secure records storage location.

Plus, a document storage and management provider will make sure all your clients’ confidential files are bar-coded and entered into a tracking database. Having your records catalogued is not only an effective means for fast search requests and retrievals, but also provides a thorough paper trail of all your files.

Comprehensive Document Shredding

The longer you hold on to personal and financial information, the greater the chance of it winding up in the wrong hands. So, it is vital that all documentation is destroyed once it is no longer needed. To ensure all your clients’ obsolete records are properly destroyed, you’ll want to use a professional document destruction service. Your records storage provider will supply you with a collection container where you can drop any unwanted files into them. When you are ready, a screened shredding technician will pick up the container and deliver the documents to a secure offsite shredding facility for destruction. Once the records are shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction.

It takes long, hard work to gain customer confidence, and only a blink of an eye to lose it forever. Following the above tips will prevent identity theft, helping you build—and keep—the trust of your clients. For more information on how we can help you protect your clients from identity theft, contact us today!