Identifying Your Company’s Shredding Services Needs

business documents waiting to be shredded Posted on May 25, 2018

Identifying Your Company’s Shredding Services Needs

Do you have documents that need to be disposed of?

Virtually every business has at some point found itself wondering about the best means for disposing of records and documents that are no longer needed, but which represent a certain risk owing to confidential or sensitive details. Destroying these documents is the most secure option.

Before taking any action, it is important that you determine what can be disposed of and what must be kept. Some documents need to be maintained for a specific length of time. Once you have identified what you need to dispose of, you can better identify your company’s shredding service needs.

But first, you may be wondering: why shred, and why use a shredding service?

Dangers of Not Shredding

Not shredding your documents could result in a number of issues for your company, including:

Lawsuits. If you should happen to suffer an information leak, there is the risk of a lawsuit. For example, if you keep personal information on your clients and it is leaked owing to records not being destroyed, those customers may end up taking legal action against you.

Leak to Competitors. Not disposing of documents that contain information about your company’s activities and future plans could result in that information making its way to your competitors, which is obviously something to avoid at all costs.

This may happen purely by accident, such as if an employee accidentally brings something home, or intentionally if someone picks them out of a public recycling processing system.

Damage to Your Reputation. Even if the leaked information did not result in a lawsuit, there is also the potential for damage to be done to your company’s reputation or brand, and may result in customers, employees, and other stakeholders viewing your company in an unprofessional light.

Dangers of Shredding Documents Yourself

Choosing to shred documents on-site using your own equipment also carries certain risks, which can include:

Health Risks for Employees. A large amount of dust is produced when documents are shredded, and this can become a health issue in your work environment, either during the act of shredding your documents or when the shredded documents are removed from the equipment to be disposed of.

Keeping the documents intact and then having a service remove them for off-site destruction eliminates this potential problem.

Physical Injury of Staff. Sharp objects and mechanical equipment such as those in office shredders always pose some threat of injury, and office employees may not be aware of the risks, whereas a shredding service employee would be accustomed to reviewing safety procedures.

By engaging a shredding service, you will be reducing the risk of injury to your employees.

Risk of Fire. As mentioned previously, shredding produces dust which, like the shredded product, is flammable. Shredding on site increases the risk of fire within your business, which can be reduced by hiring a service to shred off-site.

Information Leaks. Even if you have shredding equipment on-site, there may still be the risk of an information leak to your competitors if your employees do not have adequate training on information management procedures.

With so many advantages to using a shredding service, there is really no need to do it yourself, and at BC Records, we can meet all your needs, big or small.

Do you need ongoing business shredding service? We will schedule regular pickups (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) at your place of business and shred materials either on-site or transport them securely to our industrial shredder. We provide locked office-style consoles at no charge, allowing you to store sensitive material between service visits.

Is a one-time purge more appropriate? If you need to clean out office space, are moving, or are simply doing your spring cleaning, we will help, no matter how big or how small the job may be. We can pick up boxes of records to be destroyed or provide containers for your purged documents.

And since not all documents are merely paper and given that hard drive theft from discarded computers and laptops is on the rise, we also shred hard drives and all other forms of electronic media, using an Allegheny Hard Drive Shredding System.

At BC Records, we offer a full range of services to meet your every conceivable need. Ensure that all of your electronic files are disposed of properly by trusting BC Records.

We take your business—and your security—seriously.