Knowing when to Say Goodbye to Your Paper Shredding Machines

Posted on April 13, 2017

We say, “Paper shredding machines!” You say “Running perfectly!” Right? Well, sort of. If your shredder’s get-up-and-go is looking more like it got-up-and-went, maybe it’s time to put it out to pasture. Personal paper shredders can not only slow down productivity, but also put your sensitive data at risk to accidental loss, disaster, or criminal activity. Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time to say goodbye to paper shredding machines forever.

You’re wasting time

Unless you’re a records management provider, no one actually enjoys shredding paper. After all, who has the time to plop themselves in front of a machine, wasting countless hours shredding away? And if your paper shredding machine breaks (which it most certainly will), you’ll have to factor in more time and money lost to maintenance. Oh, and let’s not forget about all the “fun” you’ll have getting rid of those leftover shreds of paper, not to mention struggling with paper jams.

You’re knee-deep in paper

Think paper has gone the way of the dinosaur? Well, obviously, you’ve never worked in law, sales, accounting, real estate, or medicine before. If you did, you’d know that all those stacks and stacks of paper come with the territory. You’d also know that that personal paper shredders aren’t built to handle that kind of volume. Tired of staring at that mountain of paper? Then don’t. Let a professional records management company deal with the load, and get back to doing what really matters most.

You’re putting shedding on the backburner

Don’t have time to get to that shred pile? You could be opening the door to data disaster. Documents left out in the open can easily be snatched up and carted away by just about anyone, leaving your business wide open to data breaches, identity theft, and industrial espionage. When it comes to data safety, why leave anything to chance? Put your papers in the hands of professionals who know how to keep your precious records safe and sound.

You’re not sure what to do with your unwanted electronic media

Laptops, smart phones, tablets—these days, storing information isn’t just reserved for paper. So what are you going to do when it’s time to get rid of all those hard drives, backup tapes, and computers you’ve got lying around? Well, we know one thing for sure—that poor excuse for a paper shredding machine you’ve got in the office isn’t going to cut the mustard. No way! You need industrial shedders that are made for devouring electronic media—industrial shredders that your records management provider will put to good use for you when you need them.

Destroying data is serious business that should never be left to personal shredding machines. Your employees, your suppliers, and your customers deserve better. So, when it’s time to shred your unwanted data, leave it to BCRMS—your answer to reliable shredding in Vancouver.

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