Paper is Still Relevant in Today’s Digital World

Posted on December 10, 2015

In this age of cloud computing and trend towards electronic records management, many people might believe that paper is becoming obsolete. With that in mind, does that also mean the document storage industry’s days are numbered?

Believe it or not, it is not the time to mourn the death of paper (or records management companies for that matter) just yet. In fact, the document storage industry is alive and well and continues to thrive in the digital word. Faced with the reality of growing electronic breaches, more and more businesses are using document storage management providers to secure their records.

Hard copies are here to stay

While there is little doubt that electronic records management is a fast-growing component of the records storage landscape, there are a number of reasons why hard copies and document storage facilities are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Businesses continue to rely on paper documents as a secure data backup medium. Here’s why:

  • Many industries—especially in highly regulated fields, including law, financial, manufacturing, and life sciences—have the responsibility of complying with regulatory procedures that require paper documentation in several instances. For example, there may be times when proof of an ink signed document needs to be produced.
  • Paper documents may be a requirement to secure a business contract. Likewise, a client may expect your business to keep paper copies, even if is not contractually stipulated.
  • The cost of scanning or switching over to an electronic records system may be too high for many organizations.
  • A company may believe the risk of lost or stolen digital records is far higher than that of hard copies.

Manage paper documents the smart way

So, is paper still relevant in the digital age? The answer is a resounding yes. Although there are many benefits to electronic record keeping, many organizations can’t properly operate without paper documents. Looking to protect your business’s sensitive documents? An established records management provider uses cutting-edge security practices to manage all your paper storage needs.

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