Personal Self-Storage or Managed Records Storage

Posted on November 22, 2017

Every business faces its own challenges and difficulties, but no matter what industry it is, or how large or small a given operation might be, there is one thing that is common to all: the need for proper record keeping and storage.

Whether it is your financial transactions, information on past undertakings, patient files, or something else, the need to properly manage your records is a vital, and often overlooked, necessity of your business.


Should You Do It Yourself?

You might have a number of reasons for wanting to manage your own file storage. If you are a small business owner, you might feel that it will be cheaper to do it yourself. You might also prefer the idea of keeping your records on-site for ease of access.

As your business grows, however, your records will continue to take more and more space, and will require careful organization to keep everything in order. If you don’t have a proper means of cataloguing and documenting everything, you will be surprised at how quickly everything can fall into disarray. At that point, the convenience of having documents on-site is lost, as you find yourself spending valuable time trying to locate and retrieve everything that you need.

Choosing to assign the responsibility of maintaining order to one of your employees may help with organization, but should that employee leave you, or simply be unavailable, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. You also run the risk of burdening the employee with more than they can handle, if combined with other, standard duties.
The thought of saving money is, of course, an important consideration, but you may find that in the long run, you are not saving at all if you have to eventually move your ever-increasing amount of records to a self-storage facility. You may find yourself needing to rent a space larger than you need, either because of limits on what is available, or in anticipation of further growth.

At this point, you will have taken on a new expense, and your records will become even more difficult to access, as you will find yourself returning to the storage facility to dig through your files every time something is needed.

Larger businesses may have an even more difficult time, owing to the quantity of files to be kept and the frequency and speed with which they need to be accessed.

How Managed Storage Saves You Time and Money

Providers of managed storage are in the business of keeping your files in proper order, and helping you to access them in as timely a manner as possible, without the need to dig through boxes on your own. You will know that the documents you need are available to you whenever you need them, with very little delay, even though they are stored elsewhere.

In addition to the convenience of having your files expertly managed and delivered to you promptly, there is also the matter of security. Managed storage is safe and secure, with your important documents well-protected from all threats, including theft, fire, water damage, and more. Further, managed storage space will grow with you, scaling to your needs.

All of these factors combine to save you time, effort, worry, and money, leaving little doubt as to whether self-storage or managed storage is the right choice for you.
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