Why Proper Media Storage is Critical for an Effective Audit Trail

Posted on January 23, 2017

Keeping clients happy, managing employees, meeting deadlines—there never seems to be enough hours in a day. With so much already piled on your plate, staying on top of your media storage and meticulously documenting every step of your records probably doesn’t rank very high on your to-do-list—but it should. With that in mind, here are some reasons why audit trails are vital to your organization.  

Quick Document Retrieval

Careless records management could spell certain disaster for your business when you are faced with an audit or embroiled in a legal battle. Just think about all those hours wasted, wading around knee deep in paper, shuffling though endless files, only to come up short. And if you can’t produce key documentation in a timely matter (or at all for that matter), you could be in some serious hot water with government agencies, lenders, investors, and your clients.   

Timely Secure Document Disposal

Shredding outdated information is a part of any good media storage system. After all, the last thing you want is to have your records fall into the wrong hands.  Destroying information before its time, however, can have serious consequences that could come back and haunt you down the road.

An audit trial will help you create a solid document retention and compliance policy, setting the stage to securing your company’s information, and enhancing your risk management. Otherwise, if you jump the gun and destroy your business records too early, you could be faced with financial, civil, and criminal penalties.

Improved Accountability

No matter how organized your company may be, mistakes are going to happen. And when they do, an audit trail can be a real lifesaver. Loss, theft, accidental destruction—a detailed audit trail can be used to help managers keep tabs on records, holding employees accountable for their action. Should something go wrong, it will be easy to pinpoint the source and eliminate finger-pointing in your company.   

Having a solid audit trail will prove invaluable to your organization. You will be able to follow the lifecycle of each file, from when it was created to where it is currently stored. It can also protect you against liability, keep your business compliant, and ensure your data safe from security breaches.  

No more mysteries. With the right audit trail procedure and a sound document management system in place, you can keep track of all your records. Here at BCRMS, we provide media storage solutions that will protect your vital information, helping you avoid compliance penalties. When you partner with us, your physical documents can be easily retrieved, scanned, and re-filed—everything you need for an effective and thorough audit trail.

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