5 Compelling Reasons to Scan Your Business Documents

Posted on November 21, 2016

Overwhelmed by all the paper that’s been stacking up in your office? Can’t find important documents when you need them? Tired of rifling through filing cabinets looking for lost records? Sifting through mountains of paper in search of crucial information can be a taxing, frustrating, and tedious experience, not to mention a huge waste of time. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s time for a filing system upgrade. Here are five great reasons to jump on the document scanning bandwagon.  

Creates More Office Space

What would you do with more space? Hire more employees? Add in extra workstations? Heck, with all that bonus space, you could even move to a smaller office and save on costly rental fees. We don’t need to tell you that storing all those documents occupies a ton of expensive real estate. File scanning can maximize the functionality of your office, decreasing the amount of paperwork and the need for unnecessary filing cabinets.

Saves Time and Money

If you were to calculate all the hours you and your staff spend filing and looking for documents in just one week, it would add up to a lot of wasted time and wasted money. Think about it—having all your records a mere keyword search away would save you oodles of time and thousands of dollars, allowing you and your employees to quickly and efficiently retrieve documents in a matter of seconds. With document scanning and imaging, you can say goodbye to endlessly digging through cabinets forever.

Keeps Files Safe

When it comes to storing records onsite, anything can go wrong, from natural disasters to industrial espionage through theft. And if critical records have gone missing, you could be leaving your business wide open to a host of legal ramifications. Scanning your documents and keeping them in an offsite storage facility is an effective backup option that will protect your precious records from all kinds of security threats.  

Improves Efficiency

Had enough of cumbersome, timewasting photocopying and mailing? Scanning your files allows you to boost efficiency and streamline your operations. Records scanning gives you the opportunity to share information with multiple users over multiple locations, instantly. You and your staff will not only be able to simultaneously collaborate on projects, but also provide customers with valuable information whenever they need it.

Protect the Environment

Last but certainly not least, if you scan your business documents, it will also help reduce your carbon footprint. These days, more and more businesses are moving towards a paperless office—and that is good news for your wallet and the environment. Electronic records means less paperwork, and less paperwork means less wasted resources, which will ultimately help minimize the impact to the environment.

Looking to give your paper filing system a facelift? BCRMS can convert your data into electronic format, providing the competitive advantage your business deserves.

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