How Environmentally Friendly is Your Records Information Management Program?

record management Posted on September 23, 2016

Many businesses these days are either going green or least thinking about it. And why not? With energy costs increasing and global resources decreasing, adopting a more eco-friendly approach to records information management (RIM) just makes good business sense. You’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save money—and that’s good news for the earth and your wallet.  

Going green with eco-friendly records storage  

If you have a well-organized Records Information Management program (RIM program) in place, you will be contributing to a greener planet by cutting back on wasted materials and conserving valuable resources. A comprehensive, well-run green records storage solution will allow you to use less paper, maximize your office space, and save more energy. Over time, these eco-friendly practices can add up to some major savings. Here are some basic strategies to help you create an environmentally friendly office.

Records information management: Utilize recycled materials

Does your company use recycled paper, boxes, and filing products? If not, you could be causing more damage to the environment than you realize. It takes more energy and resources to make new products than it does to reuse existing materials. So look for sustainable manufactured items to help minimize the needless waste of our natural resources.

Look for digital alternatives

To help reduce excessive waste in your business, your organization should consider using electronic media storage options. Encourage your employees to store records in digital format whenever possible. You’ll cut back on all those unnecessary stacks of paper, which will mean less to purchase, less to store, and less to destroy. Good for your bottom line and the environment.

Reduce the amount of paper onsite

Paper is not going anywhere anytime soon. But you can help control the amount of paper in your business the moment it is no longer needed. Having a comprehensive and legally compliant records retention schedule will help you keep track of the lifecycle of all your documents, allowing you to properly manage your file storage requirements.

Use an offsite records storage provider

Is your office jam-packed with boxes of files? Storing your records at a secure offsite storage facility will definitely free up more room, allowing you to take full advantage of all your office space.

Plus, when you use a records storage service, your files will be meticulously organized and indexed for quick and easy search requests, saving you time, money, and energy when trying to hunt down important files.  

Shred your files

A professional document shredding service will ensure your sensitive business records are completely destroyed and recycled. An offsite records technician will drop off collection containers to your business. And once they are filled, a uniformed, bonded employee will pick up your files and take them to a secure offsite shredding facility, where they will be shredded and properly recycled.

Doing your part to incorporate an eco-friendly Records Information Management (RIM) program can be a simple, natural transition. With a little planning and a little help, you will have a sustainable strategy for your records that is good for the environment and your business.  

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