Document Shredding: What You Need To Shred Right Now

secure document shredding Posted on December 6, 2016

In today’s day and age, corporate identity theft horror stories are capturing headlines all over the world. And lately, it feels like nothing is safe anymore. Business owners everywhere heed warnings about shredding sensitive documents, all scrambling in a panic to protect their organizations from identity thieves. But many folk are in the dark, still trying to figure out what exactly are “sensitive documents.”

Let’s be honest, sorting though company documents is no easy task. Businesses of every size create and collect tons of confidential paperwork almost daily, making it tricky for both owners and staff to pinpoint what needs to be destroyed and how. Heck, you could be sitting on a ticking time bomb right now and not even know it. Just think about it. If your sensitive documents fall into the wrong hands, you could be putting you, your business, your employees, and your customers at serious risk.

Without further ado, here is some handy paper shredding advice to help you safeguard your business from identity theft and avoid becoming just another statistic.  

What You Need To Shed

Thieves are a relentless, resourceful bunch. They will stop at nothing to steal your identity and your hard-earned money, putting you out of business for good. Obviously, you’ll want to use the best shredding practices available to keep criminals at bay. For starters, shred any and all information that contains account numbers, passwords, PINs, signatures, social security numbers, and birthdates. Make sure to also shred legal documents, medical records, financial statements, tax records, paycheck stubs, receipts, and invoices. Failing to destroy just one of these crucial pieces of information could have immeasurable consequences for your business in the future.    

Even the Small Stuff Counts

Without a proper shredding plan in place, even that seemingly harmless Post-It note you tossed in the trash could come back to haunt you. Phone messages, memos, worksheets, marketing plans, printed emails, and used notebooks are all juicy little tidbits your competitors would love to scoop up and use to their advantage. Don’t make things easy for identity thieves. Think twice before you throw anything into the recycling bin. You never know where your information may end up.

Rest Easy With Secure Document Shredding

If you are running a business, you’ve no doubt got a million things on the go. And with your hectic schedule, it’s easy to let that paper shredding pile stack up. Keep in mind, however, the longer you allow your sensitive information to sit out in the open, the greater the chance someone is going to help themselves to it. With the help of a records management company, you can rest easy knowing that all your discarded paperwork is completely destroyed. Simply place your documents in a secure collection container and forget about it. The shredding and destruction professionals will take care of the rest.   

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