4 Shredding Habits to Help Keep Business Data Safe

Posted on October 16, 2016

Whether it is in paper or digital format, having a solid data shredding program in place will help ensure your confidential information stays that way. Data is one of the most important assets for any organization. It is vital to keep employee and client information safe. Otherwise, your sensitive data could be at risk to accidental loss, disaster, or criminal activity, posing a serious threat to your business and the integrity of your company.

Ultimately, it falls on the shoulders of each business owner to protect sensitive data. You need to take a proactive role in educating your employees on the importance of proper document shredding practices, as well as provide handy tools to tighten up security in the office. With so much riding on the safety of your documents, here are some tips to help you craft an effective shedding policy.

Know What Documents to Shred   

These days, the news is filled with horror stories of identity theft from both individuals and business. Want to avoid becoming another statistic? You’ll want to know what documents need shredding to keep your data safe and sound. For example, shred any documents containing names, addresses, social security numbers, and account numbers. It’s also crucial that all bank statements, paystubs, bills, and medical information gets shredded before they ever get the chance to fall into the wrong hands.

Provide Proper Document Destruction Procedures

Does your staff know the proper procedures for document destruction? If not, you could be putting your customers’ and your company’s confidential information at risk. Train your employees on all appropriate policies, making sure everyone understands their role in minimizing data security threats.

You can also advertise your shredding policy around the office. For instance, hang posters, print fliers, and mention it in company newsletters. The more you drive the point home now, the less you have to worry about security breaches down the road.  

Replace Paper Recycling Bins with Shredding Bins

Worried about thieves rooting though the recycling bins in search of the next piece of juicy information? You should be. Discarded documents can easily be snatched up and carried off by just about anyone. Instead, swap out recycle bins with shredding bins. A professional shredding service provider can provide you with secure collection containers. Once they are filled, a technician will come to your office and pick up the bins and transport them to an offsite shredding facility, where your documents will be destroyed and recycled.

Take Advantage of Offsite Shredding

When it comes to keeping your records s safe, it is going take time, effort, and patience. But you don’t have to go it alone. BCRMS has the trained staff, state-of-the-art shredders, and a secure facility to handle all your shredding needs.

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