Are Shredding Services Safe?

secure document shredding Posted on September 20, 2019

For a majority of companies, dealing with confidential client information is a daily responsibility. While securely collecting and storing this personal data is a big obligation in itself, there also comes a time when keeping it is no longer necessary. 

Whether located on documents or hard drives, it is crucial that all confidential information is properly destroyed, but what’s the best solution to complete that task? Professional shredding services are an excellent way to destroy confidential information with the highest levels of security and privacy. 


In-House vs Professional Shredding Services 

When looking into shredding services for your business, you have the option of performing them in-house or hiring an outside company to complete them. 

Although it may seem like shredding documents in-house would be a wise move as far as cost is concerned, it presents a wide range of possible problems. One of the biggest risks you face with in-house shredding is the potential of a security breach. Employees that are assigned the task could improperly shred the sensitive data or use it maliciously. This type of breach could end up causing huge financial damages, not to mention the damage it would cause for your company’s reputation. 

Another big hazard when shredding in-house is the risk of injury to shred-equipment operators as well as health risks due to excessive exposure to dust particles in the environment. These risks are simply too big to ignore, and not worth trying to take into your own hands. 

Relying on professional services eliminates the risk to your employees and your environment. It also removes some large liabilities from the company. A professional shredding company will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction once the project is completed, absolving you of all responsibility for the documents in question and protecting you from any potential future litigations. 

It is important to note that professional shredding services go beyond just paper; safely and securely destroying hard drives is a rapidly growing need, as well. When computers stop working or their technology becomes obsolete, it is necessary to dispose of their hard drives, but simply wiping them clean isn’t enough as skilled cyber criminals can easily obtain the data from them. 

Having your old or damaged hard drives shredded is the only way to completely eliminate any potential opportunities for misuse while maintaining regulatory compliance and mandated guidelines. 


On-site Versus Off-site Shredding Services 

A majority of professional shredding companies provide both on-site and off-site shredding services. On-site means that all shredding is destroyed on your premises with a mobile shredding truck. This is beneficial as it helps to ensure that shredding services are safe and all confidential information is being destroyed right before your eyes. 

However, sometimes on-sure destruction is restricted or it simply isn’t practical, and that’s where off-site shredding services are beneficial. While each company is different in their exact processes, they will have a secure way to store and transfer your documents to the off-site shredding facility, whether this be by uniformed, bonded staff or specially created containers. 


Are Shredding Services Safe? 

In order to guarantee that documents cannot be reconstructed or decoded in any way, reputable shredding companies use either a cross-cut or ribbon-cut method of shredding to tear up documents as opposed to the basic shredders that come out in continuous strips. 

Once all of your sensitive data is shredded and you receive your official Certificate of Destruction, the remaining shreds are disposed of and ultimately recycled. 


Secure Shredding Services 

Helping companies for over 30 years, our Secure Shredding Services offer both document and hard drive destruction, whether on-site or off-site. The entire process is 100% secure from start to finish with a Certificate of Destruction issued for all destruction services.

At Access Information, we have taken steps to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire hard drive destruction process. Safety, security, and the guarantee of proper disposal are just some of the benefits of utilizing professional shredding services. Contact us today!