Medical & Dental Industry

BC Records Management Services recognizes the importance of patient information and internal business matters. We are committed to ensure proper security measures are in place to protect your company’s information. From safeguarding physical documents to e-document creation, BC Records has developed customizable solutions to meet the ever changing world of Health Information Management.

For over the past 25 years, BC Records has provided scanning and imaging services, document storage, shredding and destruction services and electronic media storage to the healthcare medical industry. From tracking individual documents to viewing images online, your business will know the whereabouts of any piece of information at any time. BC Records provides cost effective solutions to individual physicians, multi partner firms, laboratories, research/development organizations and hospitals with advance records management programs for their information.

Advantages of BC Records Management Services

  • Online Records Management Software – View actual documents online
  • Safe and Secure Document Storage environment
  • 90 Minute Delivery of Physical Documents
  • Active File Management
  • Canadian Owned and Operated – Ensure your Records Stay in Canada!
  • Enhanced tracking and storage for
    • Patient files
    • Wax blocks
    • X-Rays
    • Open Shelve filing
    • Glass slides
    • All Sensitive related materials

BC Records has been providing document storage and records management services to all divisions of the healthcare sector. With the ever changing requirements to increase safety and security of your sensitive and confidential information, BC Records has instituted the highest level of security when storing, handling and transporting your company’s information. BC Records provides records management services to the following healthcare sectors;

  • Dentist
  • Medical Clinics
  • Private Practices/Multi-Partner Firms
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Physiotherapy/Chiropractic
  • Research/Development
  • Hospitals/Laboratories

If your company has concerns about increasing costs and expenses, BC Records has cost effective solutions for storage of your company’s records.   Reducing space or moving offices?   B.C. Records provides temporary storage and fast retrieval of documents to ensure you will always have timely access of your information. Currently storing records on-site, self storage or unhappy with your current provider?    BC Records guarantees to lower your costs and reduce times to access to your essential information.  Call BC Records today to start saving and get a better records management program.