Boxes and Cartons

BC Record Management Services elect to solely use and resale FSC (Forest Stewardship Coucil) certified boxes. FSC is an international certification council dedicated to promote responsible management of world’s forest. By tracking the Forrest fiber from the supply chain all the way to the finished product, FSC’s chain of custody ensure certified product met its strict environmental and social standards. At BC Records we believe in FSC’s vision of preserving our Forrest and creating positive impact to keep our Forrest healthy.

Quality one-piece dye-cut boxes are available. These are archive standard banker boxes that even with years of service and handling retain their serviceability to hold and protect essential documents.

Other box sizes provided for virtually all storage applications.

Boxes purchased through B.C. Records are guaranteed for the duration of the records lifecycle. If repackaging is required, the new box fee will be waived.