File Organization

Open shelf, active file storage may be the unique solution you’ve been looking for. Instead of being stored in a achival storage box, files are placed on shelves just like you have in your office.

Because of the efficiencies active file storage offers, such as ease of access, quick file retrieval and re-file, medical records, Radiology and x-ray film storage are the prime candidates.

Active file clients recognize that the faster and easier it is to find a file, the faster it can be delivered. This also produces a more cost effective archive storage environment, cost savings that can then be passed on to our clients.

Legal and insurance industries have also seen the benefit of storing their files in open shelf file storage environments. Primarily for cost reasons to begin with, these industries are now seeing the information and document management benefits of off site open shelf file storage.

If you are interested in an open shelf, active storage solution, please contact us.