Scanning & Imaging

The more efficient way to file and retrieve vital company data.

B.C. Records can convert your data into electronic format and download all your vital information on to your company’s internal servers. This process allows for instantaneous document retrieval by authorized users from their local desktop, or anywhere in the world, via the internet.

Document conversion for any budget

From simple document imaging with desktop retrieval, to more complex conversions encompassing images with “hidden”, yet searchable text and on-line viewing, no project is too complicated.

  • Enjoy the competitive advantage of accessing data at a rate of speed that allows for an efficiency and timeliness previously unattainable.
  • Accessibility and integrity of the data is no longer limited by the physicality of paper.
  • Authorized users have instant access to the information they need to get the job done, anywhere in the world, via the internet.
  • Recapture valuable floor space by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes on shelves

We provide

  • Careful handling of any historical, irreplaceable documents
  • Backfile conversions for clients who are capable of day forward imaging
  • High volume conversions with quick turnaround time and extreme accuracy
  • Integration with leading software applications
  • Array of formats: Tif, pdf, html, .doc, jpg, xml and bmp
  • Use of high speed Kodak and Graphtek scanning equipment

A 5-Step Process

1. Client Setup

  • Analysis is conducted to evaluate the client’s needs and specifications for the project
  • Hardware and software requirements are determined
  • Entire workflow is laid out

2. Pre-scan Processing

  • Documents are prepared for scanning i.e. staples and binding materials are removed and pages are unfolded as required
  • Document order is verified and scan-ability is confirmed

3. Scanning

  • All documents are scanned according to specifications necessary for optimum image conversion and our three-point quality verification which includes a second scan operator comparing originals to the scanned images and a random inspection of images
  • If any images are found to be sub-standard, the documents will be re-scanned

4. Index and Verification

  • Images are indexed with pertinent retrieval information and stored in a Document Management System

5. Text and Image Publishing

  • Images and corresponding index files are published, in the client-specified format, to a transfer and storage media
  • For safety and security, we publish a duplicate/ backup copy of each original