scan_on_demandBackfile Scanning Conversions

If you need to convert large volumes of historical files, B.C. Records offers backfile scanning services that make this often time-consuming and costly conversion process easier and more cost-efficient.

You can decide whether you want 100 percent conversion of all your historical records, or reduce the cost by selecting specific files or categories of files for conversion. After backfile conversions are completed, all new records can be converted on a day-forward basis. This will minimize your need for additional future backfile scanning.

Backfile and Day-forward Document Conversion provides:

  • Intelligent purging of inactive and unneeded records
  • Expert guidance on which specific files or groups of files should be scanned
  • Indexing and off-site storage of all your files

Good candidates for backfile scanning could include:

  • Legal Wills and documents that require ongoing updating and adjustments.
  • Membership applications where signing authorities or beneficiaries are subject to change.
  • Lease and rent documents that renew on a scheduled basis.

B.C. Records will shred original documents and provide a Certificate of Destruction assuring all documents have been destroyed and that confidentiality was maintained.