Shredding & Destruction

The convenient way to dispose of your documents with peace of mind…

Assigning the task of shredding documents to yourself or your staff can be inefficient. You also run the risk of having private papers end up in the wrong hands. Add to that the recently passed provincial and federal standards on protection of information, and more than ever you need to know that your company’s documents are being disposed of securely.

B.C. Records is the name you can trust.

Established in 1989, our Secure Document Shredding Services offers document destruction of your stored documents and collection and destruction of your on-site documents. BC Records Management Services utilizes Shredfast SF400STS (Saw Tooth Shear) Mobile Shredding Trucks. These trucks are constructed on GVW Freightliner M-2 Chassis which provides a legal payload of over 10,000kg with shredding throughput of over 3500 pounds per hour. There is no shredder available today without a screen that offers a better, smaller and more controlled shred size. B.C. Records provides both on-site and off-site destruction. For locations where on-site destruction is impractical or restricted, material is brought directly back to our facility in Burnaby and destroyed immediately by our mobile unit in our secured area located at the rear of our company owned facility.

A secure process from start to finish

The key to document destruction is 100% security. At B.C. Records we have taken steps to ensure your peace of mind throughout the entire document destruction process.

Collection of Documents

  • BC Records Provides Secure Collection Containers at No Cost
  • Locked containers range in size from 120 litres (75 lbs.) to 360 litres (350 lbs) for wheeled Schaeffer bins to attractive grey laminate consoles for office locations
  • Consoles are locked and have a slot in the top so documents can be deposited
  • Only bonded, uniformed B.C. Records staff have the key for the console
  • When it’s time to collect the documents, B.C. Records staff arrive, remove the full bag of documents from the console and replace it with an empty one

Destruction of Documents

  • Filled bags for shredding are returned to BC Records facility in locked vehicles to be shredded and recycled
  • Certificate of Destruction issued for all destruction services.

Tracking of Documents

  • All wheeled bins and consoles are bar coded and assigned to your account for tracking and billing purposes


Every company’s document destruction needs are different. At B.C. Records we give you the flexibility to adjust your pick-up cycle to suit your requirements.

  • Initially the frequency of pick-ups and number of containers is determined by your volumes and then adjusted as necessary
  • You have the option to adjust the schedule at anytime, or…
  • You may choose an on-demand service for unpredictable volumes

Environmentally Friendly

B.C. Records is committed to you and the environment: All paper records are recycled after shredding. And it’s not just paper we can shred B.C. Records Secure Document Destruction Services is not limited to paper shredding. Please call us for information on:

  • Plastics
  • Tapes
  • Hard Drives
  • Film/X-Ray