Whatever the problem, we’ve got your residential shredding service needs covered!

Why use residential shredding services? Think of it this way – throwing out your private information is easy, but dealing with identity theft is not. Roughly 9% of Canadians are affected by identity theft each year according Canadian Identity Theft Support Centre (CITSC). Avoid being a statistic left calling the bank, cancelling cards and backtracking every move to regain your identity.

Whether you’re moving, selling a business, cleaning out your garage or in the final stages of an estate, our secure destruction specialists have the right tools for the job. When people come to us, the questions are always similar – how does this work and how much is it going to cost?

The good news is, there are only two criteria that really matter: Volume and pickup/dropoff.

Shredding Volume

How many boxes need to be destroyed? Volume is the biggest factor in determining both price and service, and we look at the number of boxes you have to determine price. Whether you have 10, 50 or 1000 boxes with paper covered in staples and paperclips; our industrial shredding equipment can handle it!

You come to us or we come to you?

There are two options for you, to fit both schedule and budget. Our drop off service is the most cost-effective and lets you bring your sensitive paperwork to our facility at your leisure. Your documents are destroyed on-site and if you call ahead, you can even witness them run through the shredder. If you’re busy, you might prefer our mobile shredding service. We can send a certified driver to come to your home. With our trunks, we offer secure on-site shredding, all while you watch. If requested, we can also provide a Certificate of Destruction for both our on-site and drop off shredding services..

Here’s a quick list of what we recommend shredding when the time is right:

  • Bank Statements
  • Old tax records
  • Bills
  • Medical files
  • Pay stubs
  • Legal documents
  • Cancelled cheques

Our History as a Secure Residential Shredding Provider in Vancouver, BC

BC Records Management has been a trusted shredding services provider since 1989! Our team has combined experience of over 100 years. That’s service you can trust.
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