BC Records Management Services works to ensure that our customers believe in and commit us to our social and environmental responsibilities that would be expected from a responsible company. We believe in protecting the environment, which is why we always strive to become a “greener”, more environmentally friendly company in all aspects of our operations.
Part of this responsibility includes reducing the environmental impacts of our day-to-day operations and in our supply chain.
It also means looking after the wellbeing and careers of our employees – the company’s biggest asset – and making a positive contribution to the communities where we operate.
Adhering to all applicable laws, directives and guidelines is a business imperative. But that is not enough. We are continuously striving to improve our performance and our standing in society.

Social Impacts

BC Records Management Services has a strong belief in giving back to our community. BC Records Management Services believes that supporting both youth and adult activities helps to ensure the continued growth and beneficial sustainability of our community. BC Records Management Services has been proud sponsors of both youth and adult baseball associations for many years.

BC Records Management Services also donates a portion of gross revenue each year to various charitable organizations such as the Arthritis Society, the United Gospel Mission, the Red Cross and World Vision.

We also believe in supporting our community through activities with our existing client base, such as fundraising for charities through events such as golf tournaments, silent auctions etc and have been strong supporters for a number of years to organizations such as the United Way.

Sustainable Procurement Policy

It is BC Records Management Services’ belief that sustainable development should not only have an impact environmentally, but also has a fundamental impact on human rights, workplace safety and employment. Our vendors / suppliers are encouraged to identify extraordinary environmental and social impacts, declare any convictions relating to legislation in terms of environment, workplace safety, employment and human rights and declare compliance with these associated legislations.

As BC Records Management Services has minimal requirements for outside vendors / suppliers, the majority of our supplies and equipment are purchased locally to aid with economical impacts.